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ceiling fan by Got a Hand professionals

Normally, a simple replacement of a ceiling fan will range between $130-$150 depending if wiring is in place and the fan has been provided.  The price will vary depending on the height where you need to replace the ceiling fan. The price will also vary if it’s a new installation. In that case we will need to run new wiring in order to install the ceiling fan and install the fixture box.  Also, the installation costs of a ceiling fan will vary if you need to install a switch for your new light.

Got a Hand technicians can help you through the ceiling fan installation process. They are very reliable, trustworthy, and all of them have passed a rigorous background check before they enter your home.  They also have the best reviews. You can check in our page for past services provided and how many satisfied customers we have. You provide us with your needs/issues and we provide you with the solutions with amazing service guaranteed.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info. You can request a quote or call us at 8662122210.https://www.gotahand.com


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