Ceiling fan replacement/installation


Service Description

What’s included with this service?

What’s included with this service?
Removing existing ceiling fan
Assembling, mounting and wiring 1 customer-supplied fan
Attaching blades, lights and chains (as needed)
NO Material are included on any estimate
For new Installation no installation of new switch is included on estimate
call 866-212-2210 to check ceiling fan installation near you and details
Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate
your pro will contact you to confirm your appointment. It varies depending on height where you need to install your ceiling fan, if you need to install a switch with it, etc. Also if you need to replace an old fan or if you need a first time installation will cause the price to vary.

Why should I book ceiling fan assembly?

Because booking a fan assembly we can save you time and free you from the headache because of deciphering instruction manuals and stray parts. Because Your assembler will have the right tools and so much experience to complete the ceiling fan assembly so quickly, correctly, and safely the first time. Because you can avoid the hassle when you have to replace your old ceiling fan or having to start a new installation where there’s not any electricity in place.  Let our professionals to figure it out and walk you through the process.  Call us now and check for ceiling fan installation near your area.

Why should I get a pro to replace my fan?
Installing a ceiling fan can be an excellent, cost-effective way to circulate both cool and warm air. But fans are heavy, and replacing one involves tapping into your electrical system, allowing for adequate blade clearance, and bracing the ceiling fan correctly to keep it stable and secure. Even fan replacements that seem like they’ll be easy can go wrong in any number of ways. A pro has the experience and tools to do a  fan replacement more quickly and smoothly than someone with no training.

There are a few reasons it’s a good idea to hire a pro to do your fan installation. The most important reason is that your fan installation will require correctly tying in to your home’s electrical system. A pro can handle the electrical part correctly for your ceiling fan installation, as well as bracing the ceiling fan correctly to make sure it doesn’t fall. A pro can often also do the ceiling fan installation in the most time-efficient way.

Your ceiling fan installation pro will have the right tools and experience to make your ceiling fan installation as swift and smooth as possible. A great ceiling fan installation will include using the manufacturer’s recommended method of anchoring the ceiling fan, optimal placement of the ceiling fan in terms of height, and a relatively swift ceiling fan installation, compared to how long it would take a less experienced person. A ceiling fan installation can be a great way of circulating the air in your home, and the pro who does the ceiling fan installation can help you determine exactly the right location and height for a great result.

We are a top-notch ceiling fan installation services with competitive prices. You could add a ceiling fan to cool off your space, add some sleek style to your room, or make sure the air circulates to keep the air fresh in your home.

The first critical step is to a successful ceiling fan installation is to purchase the right ceiling fan, especially if you need a first-time ceiling fan installation. The right ceiling fan should be the right height and weight for your ceiling height and needs, both between the floor and the fan, as well as between the fan and the ceiling. A ceiling fan installation pro can help you make sure your ceiling fan is installed so that it works as well as possible.

The right fan and placement

The location: Usually a ceiling fan is installed in the center of room, and that’s a good spot to ensure adequate clearance and air flow. Ceiling fans all use about the same amount of electricity, in most cases, so replacing one ceiling fan with another shouldn’t require any electrical fixes. However, if the weight of your new ceiling fan is much higher than your old fan, your pro will need to install a new electrical box, rated to support the ceiling fan. The cost of a new electrical box is not included in service estimate.

The fan: Make sure you choose the right fan for your room. If you have lower ceilings, consider purchasing a low-ceiling mount. Typically, there should be 7 feet between the bottom of the ceiling fan and your floor, and there should be at least 12 inches between the ceiling fan blades and the ceiling—though 18 inches allows for optimal airflow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do estimates work?
Estimates are based on the specific work required for each service. Nine out of 10 customers find the pre-defined work description fits their needs, and have no change between the estimate and final price. If additional parts or labor are required to complete your installation, the pro will discuss this with you at the time of your appointment.
Are switches included as part of the installation?
Unfortunately, our installation doesn’t include the installation of new switch, but our technicians can discuss it with you during the appointment to provide you with our estimate.



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