Chandelier Replacement


  • Removing existing chandelier, but not mounting box
  • Mounting and wiring 1 customer-supplied chandelier
  • Adjusting chandelier height as needed
  • Assembly not included in estimate

If the Chandelier size is more than 20ft, please call for an estimate.
Price does not include assembly.

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Service Description

No Materials Included With Price.

There are a few reasons it’s a good idea to hire a pro to do your chandelier installation. The most important reason is that your chandelier installation will require correctly tying in to your home’s electrical system. A pro can handle the electrical part correctly for your chandelier installation, as well as bracing the chandelier correctly to make sure it doesn’t fall after the chandelier installation. A pro can often also do the chandelier installation in the most time-efficient way. Your chandelier installation pro will have the right tools and experience to make your chandelier installation as swift and smooth as possible. Chandeliers are often heavy and delicate, so their installation requires some muscle, as well as knowledge of electrical wiring.

Additional information

Please select the size

Under 10ft, From 10ft-14ft, From 15ft-20ft


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