Gazebo Installation

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Gazebo Installation what’s included with our service?

  • Assembly of 1 customer-provided gazebo
  • Typical assembly time of 10 hours per person
  • Longer assembly times may result in additional service fees

Service Description

Gazebo Installation, what’s a Gazebo?

Gazebo installation by Got a Hand,  we understand the beauty a gazebo has to offer to outdoor locations, especially those that are covered with a spread of greenery. A gazebo can either be in a hexagonal or octagonal shape and is usually constructed as a free-standing, roofed monument for outdoor recreational purposes.

Outdoor gazebo installation provides adequate shelter with the help of its roof, and utmost comfort due to built-in seating as well. We aim to equip your garden with experienced handyman specialists so that we can maintain the beauty of your garden.

Our mission is to  satisfy our customers with a robust gazebo assembly in their backyards so that they enjoy the weather at all times.  Gazebos are made for gathering, either for dining or relaxation. When built on a larger scale, they can also be used as a stage to accommodate an outdoor performance.

Why should I hire Gotahand to assemble my trellis, arbor, or gazebo?

A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the assembly as quickly and safely as possible. Then you can focus on enjoying your new gazebo instead of assembling it.

Allow Got a Hand to provide you with prompt gazebo assembly & installation services for your residential or commercial settings. Our experienced handyman team will take every job into their hands to provide you with smooth gazebo installation services. With your new installation, you’ll be enjoying passing by your garden and also enjoying leisure at its maximum.

Talk to our customer care representative at 866-212-2210 and hire us so that we can prove our claims.

Get your free estimate today without imagining how your gazebo will appear after installation. We will make this dream a reality. Showing you how much value your installed gazebo is going to add to your garden or home.

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    Very good workers!

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