In Ground Basketball Hoop Installation


What’s included with this service?

  • Assembly and installation of 1 customer-supplied in-ground basketball hoop per product instructions
  • Service will likely span multiple days for cement to dry properly
  • Customer must supply all necessary materials for installation
  • In-ground hoop must be installed on customer’s own property
  • Removal of packaging materials to customer’s bin
  • Products requiring additional work may result in an updated estimate from provider

Service Description

Why should I hire Gotahand to do my basketball hoop installation?

A pro will have the right tools and experience to do the basketball hoop installation as quickly and safely as possible, so you can focus on enjoying your new basketball hoop, instead of installing it. Typically a technician can do a basketball hoop installation in half the time, or less, that it would take someone unfamiliar with installation work or using the wrong or unfamiliar tools. The tech will typically read the instructions, and then do your basketball hoop installation according to the specific product instructions, which helps make certain that your basketball hoop installation will be completed as expected.

Assembly and Installation

Basketball hoop installation can be a complicated process that many people may not want to take on themselves. Whether in-ground, portable, wall-mounted, or institutional, our service providers provide top-notch installation services for all types and brands of basketball hoops.
Our technicians have the training and experience to ensure that your new goal is installed correctly and professionally.

Are you thinking about purchasing an in ground basketball for your driveway?

It can be a very good investment for a family who is into sports. It’s a very healthy activity for your children, it helps develop motor skills, and sets a foundation for social interaction. Listed below are some of the main reasons why an in ground basketball hoop is a wise decision.


Of all the types of basketball hoops available, the in ground is the most study and stable of them all. While mounted hoops are solid in their own right, installing one on a wall or garage doesn’t work for everyone. Simply put: no other hoop performs at the level of an in ground.


What’s more, they are long lasting. And since they are held by a strong pole, you can be confident that they are only constructed from very strong materials. Thick, glass backboards and four to eight inch poles can survive a very long time.

Real Estate Value

While not a certainty, an in ground basketball system could increase your property value. This is particularly the case if a family is interested in buying a home. A mounted hoop probably wouldn’t add much because it’s attached to a wall or garage. And a portable hoop would most likely be taken with should you relocate.

Basketball systems that are installed using an anchor mount can actually be easily removed if necessary. The direct burial installation is the most permanent kind, in which the pole is directly inserted into the ground.

You may never consider a basketball hoop as an asset capable of raising the value of your home, but it very well could if it’s high quality and something the family is interested in.


This is especially true if you have a nice playing area to go with the basketball goal. It plays more like a professional hoop than any other kind.


Most in-ground hoops are also adjustable. This allows users to raise or lower the height to accommodate players of different ages and experience levels. The hoop will therefore grow as your children do.

Now you know the reasons why in ground systems are preferred by most. Take note, when you decide to buy an in ground basketball Computer Technology Articles, search for a reliable seller before you pay for one.

Deciding  to do a basketball hoop installation for your family

Regardless of age, for those who want the opportunity to play basketball no matter what the weather conditions are, access to an indoor basketball hoop is essential. If you’re on the lookout for the best indoor basketball hoop, here are some that you can check out.

Wall mount indoor basketball hoops

They are fixed to the wall, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be repositioned when the gym is being used for volleyball or many other sports. The FoldaMount46 is an excellent option for those looking for this type of hoop. It can be moved out of the way easily, and doesn’t need to be stored elsewhere.

The Hurricane system

Is built for indoor basketball games. It can be installed in any gym or leisure center; it’s strong enough that it won’t collapse even when players dunk and hang on the rim. It meets the standard of the National High School Federation, which requires a 96″ offset from the base to the backboard. This model also offers attractive features such as a tempered glass backboard, a thick padding placed on the front, back, and sides of the base for added protection to the players. Most breakaway rims give front to back, but the 180-degree model here gives on the sides as well.

One other good-quality portable indoor basketball hoop is the Fury

This unit is perfect for elementary schools where kids are still developing their basketball skills, as well as for those adults who are joining recreational leagues. The Fury can be placed in any position you like, and the rim height can be adjusted anywhere between 6′ 6″ and 10′ to complement the playing abilities of the participants.

Another good indoor basketball hoop system that can be conveniently adjusted is the Rampage

It’s far less expensive than some of the other models, as it has a smaller backboard and less stability. It has thick, vinyl padding on the front to provide safety during play. The 30″ extension is far less than some of the other indoor basketball hoops, but it’s sufficient for youth basketball. If necessary, the height can lower down to 6’6″. Plus, it’s portable so it can be stored when not in use.

Indoor basketball hoop installation

They are available to suit any playing arrangement or budget. A wall mount is the preferred unit in gyms where more than one sport is played. For maximum flexibility, though Free Reprint Articles, a portable system is a good choice.

Article Author: Stephanie Patcher


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