Ring Video Doorbell Installation/replacement


Service Description

Ring door bell era from the conventional ones, to this next generation  for your home.  We believe that when you have a dream to improve your home, shouldn’t be taken light.  Got a Hand techs are knowledgeable in installing your new devices and take very seriously when it comes to fulfill your needs.  Whenever you have an existing ring door bell or if do you need a first time installation from us.

These smart ring door bells are on a mission to make neighborhoods safer – starting at the front door. With our world-renowned Video Doorbells, convenience and peace of mind are always at your fingertips whether you’re home or away.  Don’t want to do it yourself? Don’t worry! Our team of professional installers will get your Ring up in no time. Choose your installer and schedule an appointment today.

Why replace your old door bell for the new smart doorbell?

Smart ring doorbells and their intriguing home-security features would discourage burglars who could target neighborhoods in daytime robberies.  Burglars typically start these capers by ringing the doorbell to determine if anyone’s home. The Ring Video Doorbell, thanks to its built-in video camera with two-way communication, directly addresses this nefarious use case by making the bad guys think you’re always at home. There’s also a motion alert feature that let’s you see who’s come to the door, even if they never press the doorbell button.

Ring operates on a simple concept. Someone presses your doorbell, and the signal travels through your Wi-Fi network, up into Ring’s cloud servers, and then back down to your smartphone. Once you open up the phone notification and get inside the Ring app, you can see who’s at the door, and even talk to the person in a two-way conversation.

You can see them, but they can’t see you—and this is what makes Ring a compelling home security device. Whether you’re inside your home, at work, or on vacation, the system is designed to let you always answer the door.

What’s included with our service installation: 

Uninstall and remove your existing doorbell
Mount, drill and install the Ring Doorbell (versions 1,2 or 3). Installations on metal, marble, or glass surfaces not included
Wi-Fi assessment and recommendation to optimize video performance
Ring app and Neighborhood app configuration
For initial installation, please charge the battery for at least 8 hours before the technician arrives
Note: You will need a working wired doorbell, new wired installations not included. Alternatively, the doorbell can be installed to operate on battery power. For best results, ensure a strong Wi-Fi signal at location of installation.  For new installation or whenever there is not an existing doorbell, the estimated price will have to be updated.  You can easily discuss with one of our techs regarding pricing.





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