Smart Light Switch Instillation


Service Description

Why not changing your old light switch with a new smart light switch installation whether you want to upgrade your home lighting, save energy, or just make your life easier; your expert will help you achieve your goal. Your expert can set up automated schedules, create lighting scenes, and more.  Your expert is a licensed electrician who knows the switch and your home’s electrical system. They’ll disconnect your existing switch, make sure the switch is wired correctly to your system and the performance is good.

You can enjoy hands-free convenience with your smart light switches. No need to get up and turn off the light-simply say, to your smart device, “turn off hallway light.”

What’s included with our smart light switch installation service:
Working with electricity can be dangerous; Amazon experts bring the right expertise
The expert is an Amazon employee who is a licensed and insured electrician
Learn to voice control your devices and lighting using Alexa
Set custom schedules to adjust the lights and scenes throughout the day

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in this appointment?

This appointment includes personalized setup, installation, and configuration of your smart switch. Your expert will set up any rules and schedules, and also show you how to use your new smart lighting. Please have all areas where the installation is occurring fully accessible and clear of obstructions for the technician.

Do I need to have my smart light switch before my service appointment?
Yes. You must have your smart light switch prior to your appointment.

If I want to voice-control my lights, do I need an smart voice device before my service appointment?
Yes, you will need to have your smart voice device so your expert can connect the switch to your Wi-Fi during the service appointment.


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