Smart Lock Installation/replacement


Service Description

Smart Lock Installation

Doors can be tricky. If you’ve ever tried to modify or repair your door lock on your own, you’ll understand.  We can remove your existing lock and install your new smart lock correctly and safely.


What’s included in our service:

Installing a customer-supplied smart lock
Drilling holes and cutting mortises into door not included
Installing cylinder, thumb lever and faceplate
Installing strike plate in doorjamb
Test for proper functionality with app and internet
not includes material or hub with price

You can be home away from home

Get notifications when visitors are nearby, lock or unlock your door from your smart phone, or have your door automatically unlock when you’re walking up.

Also you can enjoy hands-free convenience with your new smart lock installation. So when you’re getting ready for bed and you remember to lock the door, don’t get up—simply command to your smart assistant “Please lock the front door”.

Why do I need a smart home hub?
Many smart locks have smart features such as remote or voice control. In order to activate and use these features, your smart lock must work with a compatible smart home hub, such as the Wink Hub 2. In other words, if you want the cool features like creating virtual keys or unlocking the door from your phone, you’ll need a device like the Wink Hub 2. Smart home hubs are sold separately and must be present at the time of your appointment.


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