Smart Thermostat Replacement


Service Description


If you don’t  have experience with thermostat replacements, thermostat installations, or configuring different types of thermostats to residential heating and cooling systems, you run the risk of mixing up a wire or two, blowing a fuse, or making some other potentially expensive mistake while attempting  thermostat replacements, therefore, hire a professional who can help you with the task.  At Gotahand, our technicians have an extensive knowledge at installing smart thermostats and can help you and walk you through the process of how to use your new device.

What’s included in our service:

Removal of existing thermostat Installation of 1 customer-supplied smart thermostat Testing new thermostat for proper function Instructions on proper use No Materials Included With Price.

Comfort at a whole new level

There’s nothing like returning home to the perfect temperature. Set heating and cooling schedules or check to make sure the heat or A/C is off from your smart phone.

You can also enjoy hands-free convenience with your smart thermostat. So when you’re getting ready for bed and you need to turn off the heat, don’t get up—simply say, from any smart hub the command “lower the temperature to 68 degrees.”

Frequently asked questions:

Do I need an existing thermostat to get this service?
Yes. While our experts are electricians, they are not equipped to set up a brand new HVAC system.
Will my smart thermostat work with Alexa?
Yes, the select Eco bee and Honeywell thermostats are compatible with Alexa.
How do I know if my electrical system is compatible with the smart thermostats?
You can check on the product page or manufacturer’s website to ensure compatibility with your system.


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