Wall Hanging (up to 1 hour)


  • Determining right location to hang item(s)
  • Installation of hardware for hanging (wall hanging hardware not included in estimate)
  • Hanging of customer supplied item(s)
  • Service is for dry wall only
  • No materials are included in price

Service Description

Wall hanging to decorate your home or office in style with the fashionable size of square picture frames. Find out the 8 reasons why square frames are so popular and what you’re missing out on by not using them.

Square format pictures were once exclusively used by professional photographers and are now luckily available to just about everyone. Square format cameras can now be found in photography retail stores as well as in places like Urban Outfitters.

Are you wondering what makes these square photo frames in your wall hanging so hot?

  1. For one thing, square photo frames have a unique, non-traditional look that sets off almost any photo or piece of art. If you want to make an artistic statement and really help your images to stand out, square frames are the way to go. Professional photographers and artists know that square frames are one of the best ways to make their work stand out.
  2. Trendy retailers and art galleries are now offering square format cameras and pictures. A new generation is discovering all that square format pictures have to offer. They are a fun and artistic way to create a truly unique display.
  3. These frames are also a versatile alternative to a rectangular frame. Square photo frames, unlike some rectangular frames, can hold both a vertical and horizontal picture either by cutting the picture to fit or by using a mat in a wall hanging.
  4. Do you have an old record album collection that is tucked away in boxes? Whether you have old 78 rpm records or 45 rpm records there is a square frame available so you can create a display of any of your collection. What a fun way to showcase your music memorabilia and to share your collection with your friends and family.
  5. Another great use for a square picture frame is to display your favorite scrapbook pages. For a fun and interesting display it is easy to change the scrapbook pages whenever you feel like it.
  6. Square photo frames make a great wall grouping. You can create a series of artwork or photos that all go together in a gallery-like display. Creating a collage of square picture frames on your wall makes an eye catching and attractive display. You can hang the square frames spaced out across your wall or group them closely together as a unit to create a different look for your wall. Either way makes for an interesting display.
  7. Many square picture frames designed for hanging on your wall are simple with no decorative features.  These frames have clean lines in a mix of colors from basic black frames to bold, striking colors like orange, ocean blue or olive green.
  8. Square picture frames come in a wide variety of sizes and depths so you can frame all kinds of items from pictures to artwork and collectibles like records, embroidery and porcelain plates.


Square picture frames are a great way to make a statement hanging on your wall

They are stylish and will give each picture a unique look. For a wall that looks professionally decorated, square picture frames can’t be beat. These are a few reasons why square picture frames are so hotFeature Articles, and their popularity is sure to last for many years. By Autumn Lockwood.


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