Water Softener Installation


  • Turning off water and draining water lines
  • Installation of 1 customer-supplied water softener
  • Startup and programming of the new water softener
  • Moving water softener location is not included
  • Materials are not included

Service Description

Water Softener Installation

Water softener installation is a complex job which is best performed by a qualified, trained and licensed professional. The process of the water softener installation can involve cutting some pipes to align your water softener and water supply lines. Improper installation can void your water softener warranty. Can also degrade the function or efficiency of the unit, or even result in harm to your heater or home. Materials are not included with price.

What are the benefits of having a water softener?

The buildup of elements in your water supply can cause a large number of issues in your home. From problems with appliances to the quality of drinking water. Could a water softener be the answer to those issues?

The natural accumulation of chemicals and elements in the water supply can cause issues for homeowners and residents. Hard water can cause a myriad of minor issues that when unchecked can become costly problems to repair. Clothing can appear unclean, and bathing in hard water may seem ineffective and almost unpleasant. For many, the addition of small pieces of equipment can do away with the issues associated with these problems. It can also mean the end of having to descale kitchen items repeatedly, which is always a time consuming and unpleasant task.

Calcium, or “limescale,” accumulation

Quickly can cause problems for home appliances. Dishwashers and washing machines can become seriously damaged by hard water. Replacing or repairing machinery that has been affected by this kind of buildup can become expensive quite quickly. Many have added a water softener to help end the problems.

A water softener works by redressing the balance of elements as water travels through your home’s plumbing system. Calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium that does not affect equipment and soap in the same way. This will usually eliminate the associated problems. Options such as descaling are available to address these issues as well.  Usually these are simply fixing problems after they exist, rather than eliminating the source of the issue entirely. The cost of replacing, repairing or thoroughly cleaning items can sometimes equal the price of permanently preventing the problem for the future in very little time at all.

Better with a water softener installation at your home

You will notice quite quickly if you have moved into a home with a hard water problem in its supply. Soap will seem less effective when you are lathering to bathe or wash dishes, because the chemical elements react with the soap and decrease its effectiveness significantly. This will cause noticeable issues with laundry and dishwashing. Clothes can seem dingy and start to feel significantly different. In some cases, they can even start to degrade more quickly than would typically be expected. Glasses and dishes may appear scratched after being run through a dishwasher, and in areas with severe issues with hard water, they may feel almost as if they have a thin film on them.

You will also notice the buildup of scale on certain kitchen equipment. This is often most apparent on kettles and pans used to boil water. While these elements are not harmful to one’s health, they still constitute a problem that you will wish to address sooner rather than later. Water softener equipment can be relatively inexpensive, but it does require professional installation. Areas that suffer from hard water will have plenty of businesses and tradesmen who specialize in the installation of water softener equipment. Prices and installation times will vary Health Fitness Articles, so it is important to research equipment and businesses thoroughly to gain an understanding of the machinery and the particular process involved.  Here at Got a Hand, we can help you with your needs.

By Aaliyah Arthur



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